There is tremendous upheaval taking place in the technical publishing world as books and other content evolve to meet 21st century needs. It’s increasingly important to publish content with a digital-first mindset, taking into account concerns such as a reader’s digital screen size, social sharing, embedded media, efile formats, visualization, and more. Publishers that have not adopted this mindset are having trouble staying relevant.

A book is no longer defined by a set of glued (or sewn) printed pages–it is even hard to describe a standard “page” length because it varies by device, but we do know that books are a powerful mix of digital innovation; they are interactive, and engage online communities.

At Backstop Media, we have worked with many top tech publishers, and in doing so, have developed our own unique publishing process. Given how quickly technology changes, we have learned that speed to market is important. By using a digital-first mindset and leveraging technology, we have proven that books can be published in a month using our virtual book sprint process.

We have proven this time and time again with our own Bleeding Edge Press books, as well as with books that we have created for Wiley, Wrox, Maker Media and Apress.

Good content is not limited to books. For over a decade Backstop Media has created thousands of articles, tutorials, videos and marketing content for developers. We have a vast network of outstanding experts and authors that we have worked with, and coupled with our decades of publishing expertise including editing, copy editing, project management, publishing, etc., we have helped companies such as Apple, IBM, AMD, WSO2 and many others interact with millions of readers. We have the vision to look ahead to what technologies are hot and also those that are on the bleeding edge, and acquire what developers want to learn and in turn, grow communities.

If you have a company with developers who don’t want to take the time off of what they are building, or find it impossible to interface with the marketing department, or are not “writers,” we can help train those engineers to create the very content that you need. If you are a traditional publisher or a company, but still want to have bleeding edge content, we can help you deliver that as well.

We publish at the speed of technology to meet your needs.